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One Day Courses

Historic Building Refurbishment & Eco-Friendly New Build

These events attract architects, builders, and home owners. They are open to anyone with an interest in the subjects covered. Each event will be held at the seventeenth Century Old Hall and our workshop (both in Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire) between 10am - 4pm at a cost of £70.00 + VAT, including lunch. If you would like to attend any of these training days, please click on the 'Book Course Now' button to book the course and pay online. If you do not wish to book online, please contact us for further details.

Selecting the right Lime Mortar

A practical day devoted not only to the history of lime but to the specification and choice of lime mortars for conservation, restoration and new build work. The event will cover:

  • The technology of lime: Fat limes, Hydraulic Limes & Cements
  • Mortar sampling & replacement mortars
  • Choosing the right aggregates for lime mortars
  • Practical demonstrations and workshops

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Renders, plasters and surface finishes

Lime and Clay plasters have been used historically and this day provides advice to those who wish to restore their period property and demonstrate how breathable renders and plasters can be efficiently applied to new buildings. The day will discuss lime renders, lime & clay plasters and historic & breathable paint finishes. It including:

  • An introduction to Breathable Structures
  • Lime & Earth Plasters and Lime Renders
  • Historic & Environmentally Sound Paint Finishes
  • Practical Demonstrations and Workshops

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Understand Natural and Mineral Based Paints

Spend a day devoted to understanding how paints work. This day of theory and practice covers:

  • An introduction to traditional and modern mineral based paints
  • The Plant/Paint cycle
  • Film forming paints and vapour permeability
  • Demonstrations showing the use of lime washes, distempers and glass based & natural resin wall paints

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Sustainable and Eco Friendly Building

A day looking at the latest progress in the development of using natural and more sustainable building materials in the construction of new homes. The event covers:

  • Why we should build more sustainable buildings
  • Healthy Buildings = Healthy People
  • Lightweight concrete
  • Wall, roof and insulated floor construction
  • Non-toxic finishes and high performance glazing
  • Practical demonstrations and workshops

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Strawbale Building

A one day introduction through practice and theory to this innovative sustainable building method. You will spend most of the day erecting a strawbale building, please dress appropriately. The event will cover:

  • Different methods and techniques
  • Planning and Building Regulation Issues
  • How to do it and applications in the UK climate

The training is being provided by Barbara Jones of Amazon Nails, a well known international strawbale builder.

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Plastic stone repair and Grouts for Historic Building Restoration

Plastic stone repair promoted by the society for the protection of Ancient Buildings is a recognised method of repairing historic buildings whilst retaining the maximum amount of the historic fabric. At a slightly larger scale, grouting is also used to retain historic walls and structures and the day will also look at the latest progress in the development of grouts. This training will provide you with an update on materials and techniques for both these basic restoration methods. The event will cover:

  • The arguments for and against replacing historic stone and brickwork
  • Grout mixes and their compatibility with old buildings, looking beyond the 'St. Paul's Mix'
  • Choosing the right material for plastic stone repair and good working practice
  • Practical demonstrations and Workshop

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Decorative Paint Techniques using only Natural Paints

Whether you are restoring a historic property or wish to give your new home a make-over this day is for you. The event only uses paints and materials that don't damage human health and are ideal for those people who have become over sensitive to modern synthetic petrochemical based paints. The training will show you how to create decorative effects using only natural pigments, paints and waxes. The event is very practically based and aims to cater for beginners as well those with some experience and covers:

  • Lasur glazing technique
  • Ragging, bagging, dragging and sponging
  • Semi-opaque casein colour washes
  • Wood-stains
  • Colour washes for furniture and woodwork
  • Textured wall finishes
  • Stucco/marbleised finishes

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