Weather Station Testing Natural Wood Finishes

24th January 2019

The natural paint weather testing station at Beeck in southern Germany today. Womersleys our here today with our German partners learning more about the extended water based natural plant oil wood paint range that we have just introduced into the Uk after extensive testing.

Gold water glass paints are now available

22nd January 2019

Finally gold water glass paints are now available for sensitive breathable restorations of our old buildings

Womersleys are pleased to now have available within their Beeck breathable mineral paint range Victorian Gold and Silver paint colours allowing full colour schemes to be reproduced, and complementing the vast array of colours achieved principally with mineral pigments in their purer active water glass paints.

Mortar analysis for Warren Moor Mine

21st January 2019

Womersleys have just completed lime mortar analysis for some structures at Warren Moor Mine in North Yorkshire.

The Shorea tree our soucre of Dammar Resin

8th January 2019

Womersleys for many years have sold natural plant oil based paints for timber. The Aglaia and Beeck paint ranges offer recipes close to those used historically and Dammar Resin is one of the key ingredients that gives our natural oil paints durability and strength. It is comes out naturally or can be tapped from the exotic deciduous Shorea wiesneri tree.

New Completely Natural Water Based Paint for Wood

2nd January 2019

Form February Womersleys will stock a new Completely Natural Water Based Paint for Wood manufactured as part of the German Aglaia range. A range that has proved popular for the last 15 years within the UK

Bound by tree resin and natural plant oils this satin matt paint often only requires one coat over its associated primer to give excellent coverage.

We continue to sell the natural solvent based wood paints which are very similar to those used historically and continue to offer this and are new water based range in historic and contemporary colour ranges