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IWOX Clear

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The IWOX range has several biological steps resulting in market leading pollution removal results: >99% IWOX® Sewage Treatment Systems have been tested and certified to European Standard EN 12566-3 Performance Tests, receiving market-leading pollution removal results.

  • Very small footprint
  • One piece mold with no joints below water line
  • Made from strong, robust Tank Grade MDPE - unlike GRP alternatives which are prone to cracking if not handled carefully
  • Strong and secure access covers
  • Easy installable due to light weight material
  • Modular up to 50 PE, while maintaining effluent quality
  • Quiet in operation
  • Low maintenance; only one mechanical part (air pump, 80W)

IWOX® Clear, one of Europe’s most advanced treatment systems, is tested and certified to exceed current requirements of local environment agencies with an average removal efficiency of 3/2 SS/BOD without the need for any filters, tertiary treatment or reed bed. IWOX® Clear benefits from surge flow protection which helps in times of peak flow. An additional benefit of IWOX® Clear is its de-nitrification chamber which enhances BOD and nitrogen removal.