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MATRIX pumped

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MATRIX sewage treatment plant is an extremely efficient, reliable and cost effective solution to sewage disposal for domestic applications where there is no access to a main sewer.

The MATRIX system benefits from the following features:

  • Very small footprint
  • Manufactured from strong, robust Tank Grade MDPE - unlike GRP alternatives which are prone to cracking if not handled carefully
  • Sealed unit with no joints below ground level
  • Strong and secure access covers
  • Easy installable due to light weight material
  • Quiet in operation
  • Low maintenance & running costs
  • BOD removal can be further enhanced with our range of filters


The MATRIX sewage treatment system is designed to achieve the minimum required effluent quality standard of 20mg/litre Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD): 30 mg/litre Suspended solids (SS): 20mg/litre Ammoniacal Nitrogen (NH4), which in European standard performance testing relates to an efficiency of better than 94%, the certified performance of the MATRIX system is that it produces an average final effluent quality of 11mg/litre Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD): 16mg/litre suspended solids (SS) and 7mg/litre Ammoniacal Nitrogen with an efficiency of 96.2% BOD removal.


MATRIX Biological Process

The MATRIX treatment system is a three stage biological process contained within a single tank structure.

Careful configuration of the internal flowpath and the inclusion of non-mechanical recirculation systems ensure optimal performance, providing complete peace of mind for the end user.

There are no electrical or mechanical components within the treatment tank which negates the need for specialist servicing and ensures that maintenance on the system is kept to a minimum.