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Lime Green Black Lime Mortar (Cinders)

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Lime Greens Cinders Lime Mortar is a dry pre-mixed lime mortar made from Hydraulic Lime  NHL 3.5 blended with kiln dried sand.  The sands, which are 3mm down, are always pre washed to remove sediment before being dried and the result is a very workable mortar, with a unique black cinders colour.  Traditionally fuel ash or coal ash was added to lime to act as a pozzolan and darken the colour, the cinders colour is achieved by addition of natural pigments in the manufacturing process.


A 25kg bag will yield approx 14 litres of mortar sufficient to repoint 3-5m2.

A 12kg tub will yield approx 6 litres of mortar sufficient to repoint 1.5-2m2


Before pointing remove all dust and loose material from joints.  Dampen the area to be repointed first to help curing.


Mixing can take place in a tub or mixer.  Use between 4-5 litres of clean water per 25kg or approx 2l per 12kg Tub.  Add the water slowly, using just enough to achieve a workable mix.  Lime mortars benefit from being left for 15mins to fatten after mixing and can be reworked for upto 4 hours.

To ensure good compaction and adhesion the mortar can be tampered firmly with a bristle brush as it starts to firm up, normally after 4 hours, this process also brings the sharp aggregate to the surface creating a lovely textured finish.


  • Resistant to salts
  • Application temperature range 5-30 C
  • Protect against strong sunlight, heavy rain, frost with hessian