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Warmshell Internal Woodfibre Board 1430 x 560 T&G

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100mm T&G Full Pallet only (17.6m2) £481.98 + VAT

80mm T&G Full Pallet only ( 22.4m2) £574.11 + VAT

60mm T&G £15.19 + VAT

40mm T&G £11.50 + VAT

Warmshell Internal Woodfibre Board 1430 x 560 T&G

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Warmshell Internal is ideal for hard to heat homes

You can use Warmshell Internal in almost any situation. However, it’s particularly well-suited to historic, hard to heat homes, irrespective of whether they are brick, masonry or timber frame.

In these situations, the breathability of Warmshell, and its ability to buffer and control moisture, is particularly helpful


Easy to install

Installing Warmshell Internal in the interior of your home is surprisingly straightforward.

It is well within the reach of a capable DIYer, and should be second nature to most builders. It is also much easier and more comfortable than using mineral wool alternatives.

All you need to do is follow a simple, five-step process:

  1. Move furniture and furnishings so that your exterior-facing walls can be accessed (internal walls aren’t affected)
  1. Scour the wall with a coat of Duro lime plaster base coat to ensure a completely level surface
  1. Cut the Warmshell Woodfibre boards to size and aim to cover as much as the wall surface as possible (cables for sockets and light switches may need to be extended through the insulation, though this isn’t always necessary)
  1. Secure the Warmshell Woodfibre boards to the wall surface using Warmshell Board Adhesive
  1. Plaster over the Warmshell insulation boards with two-passes of our one coat lime plaster Lime Green Solo, to achieve an 8-to-10mm covering


 This is a phone order only so we can apply correct delivery costs

your order will be delivered via our carriers TPN – The pallet network, please ensure that:

-      you have supplied us with as much information as possible about the access, location and facilities on-site - it is helpful if you have more than one contact phone number for the driver

-    we have been made aware of any access restrictions, the delivery depot will assume any size vehicle can deliver unless specified  (including low trees, bridges with weight limits, narrow entrances, restricted turning etc). Even if builder’s merchants, rubbish, skip lorries etc have had no problem, our curtain siders used by the pallet network may well have trouble with height especially, so give us as much information as possible ;

 -    The goods will be dropped by a tail-lift, Please note that a tail-lift requires a large, flat area of hard-standing (not gravel and not on an incline) to be able to offload

-    that you have organised enough space for the goods to be put

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