Renders and Plasters

Ready mixed hydraulic lime Stipple Coat/Slurry Coat
Base coat for stainless steel mesh
Coarse grade preparation mortar which allows lime plaster to be applied to difficult to coat surfaces
Primer for difficult backgrounds prior to the application of one coat lime plaster and Ionic clay plasters
Ready moderately hydraulic lime render basecoat (3mm down)
Ready to use feebly hydraulic lime render finish coat
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Lime Mortar and Render Colour Chart
Ionic Burnt Clay Pozzolan is simply a particular type of clay burnt in precise conditions.
To protect from winter and cold working conditions
Protects mortar and brickwork during construction
Lime green Stucco is based upon Roman cement, a traditional binder invented around 200 years ago.
A premixed render for running external moulding. Fine Top Coat
For fixing cast natural cement elements/details to buildings and for bedding tiles onto lime screeds
Self coloured, one coat, ready mixed lime based render for light weight thermalite block. Standard off white colour available to order on line.
One coat self-coloured, spray or trowel applied render for concrete blocks
These machines are perfect for applying base coats and harled coats
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12 litres of Clay Slip Coat for priming walls before applying clay plaster
20 litres of Clay Slip Coat for priming walls before applying clay plaster
Clay based undercoat plaster reinforced with hemp straw
22mm Clay Board
Wet Clay Undercoat Plaster 35kg/20l
One ton of wet clay undercoat plaster made with well graded sand and reinforced with hemp straw
Ready mixed buff/brown clay top coat plaster suitable for painting with natural emulsion paints
Ready mixed dry self coloured clay top coat plaster
Reed Board is a rigid building board. It is made from natural reeds laid parallel and tightly bound
Reed Stabil Mat Roll
4mm squared mesh to reinforce one coat lime plaster and fine render
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Alkali Resistant Strong Orange Mesh 6mm, for under lime plaster
Stucco provides a hard, reliable, durable and low cost surface that requires little maintenance and can be used to obtain different textures and finishes.
1 kg for a 10 kg bag
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Free downloadable guide to Hemp Lime Plaster
For removing salt bleedings, efflorescence, limescale, ingrained dirt, mortar and cement residue.
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