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Coarse Stuff with Hair - One Ton Bag

From£310.00 + VAT

Coarse Stuff with Hair - One Ton Bag

From£310.00 + VAT
1 ton bag
Product Name
With Hair
Without Hair

Coarse Stuff with hair/fibres 1 TON BAG


Coverage approx 30m2 at 10-15mm thick

Product Details:
Coarse Stuff is a traditional lime putty-based undercoat plaster for masonry and lath, made from mature
lime putty and selected aggregates.
Unlike hard cement-based undercoat plasters, they are 100% breathable meaning that moisture does
not stay trapped in walls, creating a healthy and more natural living environment. Coarse stuff also has a
natural elasticity, which allows them to absorb minor building movements.
Inside the tub you will find a premixed non-hydraulic lime undercoat plaster, ready to use. Non-hydraulic
lime products set by carbonation which is a gradual process which gives the product a long shelf life,
providing the tub is kept sealed and airtight. The mix may stiffen over time in storage but can be
‘knocked up’ again and again to the ideal consistency.
For a beautiful final finish to your walls, Ionic Fine Stuff is normally used as the final coat and to finish off
our lime paint combines great looks with ongoing protection. Lime plasters are alkaline and therefore
naturally anti-bacterial combating mildew and limiting the growth of moulds, it produces a lovely matt
surface that reflects light subtly and weathers beautifully, without peeling and flaking.
For internal use. Coverage approximately 0.6m2 at 10-15mm thick

Every effort should be made to protect your eyes and in the event of any getting in your eyes then rinse
thoroughly for several minutes. Should discomfort continue then seek medical attention.
Advisable to keep a bottle of eyewash to hand. Wear suitable PPE, including gloves, as lime can dry the

Surface Preparation:
Ensure the background is thoroughly clean. If the background is saturated, then check externally for
cracks or other causes of water penetration. Causes of damp should be remedied first eg re pointing
outside with a hydraulic lime mortar.
Joints should be racked back normally 10mm to provide a key for the undercoat.
Apply sufficient water to reduce excessive suction, especially on bricks and porous stone. This may
have to be done more than once before application.
Always dampen down before applying subsequent coats.
Dubbing Out: On defaced surfaces it might be necessary to apply a dubbing out coat which should be
applied 3-4 days before application of the undercoat.
Undercoat / Scratch Coat: Normally 10-12mm and if required thicker then apply in two coats, leaving 3-4
days between applications. Where different materials meet and where there are timber lintels, it’s
advisable to apply laths first.
Float Coat: To be applied 4-5 days after scratch coat. Check for shrinkage during first 2 days and, if
necessary, lightly dampen, scour back and re key. Please wait 4-5 days before application of a finishing
Plastering on laths: Wood lath backgrounds should be well wetted the day before and again 2 hours
before application. Always use haired coarse stuff except for finishing coat. Apply diagonally across the



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