Consolidation of Ruined Walls

15th October 2017

Helping the Revealing Oldknow’s Legacy project to consolidate the remaining walls of the former boiler room with lime mortars. When Samuel Oldknow built Mellor Mill in 1790-92, it was the world’s largest spinning mill. Initially powered by a huge 6.7m diameter waterwheel and later with addition of steam power to cope with water shortages.

Pig Feeders in Troutsdale

23rd September 2017

Whilst offering advice on limecrete floors and insulated internal lime plaster build ups I came across these. Pig Feeders in the agricultural outbuildings connected to a former water driven flour mill, in the picturesque Troutsdale, in North Yorkshire

One of largest Dovecotes in Britain

29th August 2017

One of the largest Dovecotes in Britain, holding over 1000 nests, built 1600, on the Baron Hill Estate, Anglesey

Lime an Essential Commodity

29th August 2017

Flagstaff Quarry, Penmon, Anglesey, produced lime from the mid19th century, when it had become an essential commodity. These kilns were part of the operations at that time and they continued to be used until 1948.

Free Heritage Training in Leeds City Centre

19th August 2017

Free Heritage Training in Leeds City Centre is being offered by Leeds City Council and Womersleys are delighted to running the training days for the next three years. A leaflet promoting the full range of courses for the rest of this calendar year can be found at

Checking Behind Plaster Fan Vaults

23rd July 2017

With Paul from Ornate Interiors checking 1878 open fret work cast plaster panels forming Gothic Fan Vaults at the corners of theatre ceiling

Exhibiting at Yorkshire Show

11th July 2017

Exhibiting at The Great Yorkshire Show for the next three days, looking forward to seeing customers, Old and New, & the show jumping

New Pre Mixed Hydraulic Lime Introduced

25th June 2017

We have had concerns over the use of hot lime mortars, based on very pure quick limes, that we supply being used in exposed locations. Whilst there is a mountain of evidence that hot lime mortars form the basis of most historic mortars including plasters, after being left to mature, many of these where feebly hydraulic in nature. With this in mind we have introduced new dry pre-mixed hydraulic hot lime mortars which contain burnt clay pozzolana to give them a weak or moderate hydraulic set.

Sixteenth Century Beauty

25th June 2017

Spencer’s House, Hurstwood near Burnley. There is something very charming about the stone built sixteenth and seventeenth century buildings of Lancashire and Yorkshire.