A refresher day on Hot Limes for Mono Masonry

19th October 2018

Mono Masonry described a training day provided at their yard on Friday as 'a Great day with Mark Womersley from WOMERSLEY'S LIMITED talking all things lime! A perfect refresher for our experienced workers, and a great insight into stone conservation for our younger team members'.

The colour is great and lots of very positive comments

19th October 2018

Please find below a quick photo of the work in progress at The Old Manor using Beecks paints from Womersleys. The client attached to his photo one message: "The colour is great and lots of very positive comments".

Cast Roman Cement from 1840 on a building in Liverpool

18th October 2018

Cast, run in situ and flat renders made from Roman Cement can be found throughout Liverpool in the first two thirds of the nineteenth century. For all our regular customers we offer on-site support and were pleased to work through some of the issues faced by Dave Lawton from Specialist Plastering whilst he is trying to sensitively restore a number of large and grand terraced properties in Liverpool.

Fiona's Sheep formed from Womersleys Stone Repair

15th October 2018

Thanks to stone mason Fiona for sending us a picture of the sheep she has constructed using Womersleys Stone Repair Material

Traditional Stand Oil Paint on new garden gate

14th October 2018

Beeck stand oil paint used on a new garden gate made from Accoya long life modified wood. The combination of the wood and paint should give a long life in a vulnerable location. The gate has just been painted and is quite shinny but as with all linseed oil based paints will matt down quite quickly.

Ryedale Plasterers honing their skills & techniques

9th October 2018

Ryedale Plasterers honing their skills & techniques, today in a class on creating Venetian Plaster with Mark Womersley using products from the Womersleys Ltd range. The result was a surface with a marble-like and reflective finish


Stone and Brick Repairs

7th October 2018

After running a plastic stone repair training day on Tuesday the repairs are now dry. The day looked at the causes of brick and stone decay and the options for repairing damaged stone or brick, including hot lime mixes, prompt, roman stucco based mortars and premixed lime based stone repair products.


Tithe Barn now finished after Womersleys supply foamed glass insulated floor

5th October 2018

The Great Tythe Barn Bolton Abbey, now finished and in full swing as a wedding and meeting venue.

Womersleys Insulating Lime Render Plaster and Moisture Buffering

4th October 2018

The Insulating Render is designed to improve the thermal performance of solid walled masonry, whilst maintaining the high vapour permeability and low strength of an NHL2 render. Insulating Render offers a viable solution for Part L1B legislation in that it meets the requirements for improving the thermal performance of a wall, whilst maintaining a permeable fabric which absorbs and readily allows for the evaporation of moisture and will not prejudice the character of the host building or increase the risk of long term deterioration of the building fabric or fittings. A 50mm application, applied as two coats, will reduce heat loss in a solid wall by 60%.