Paints For Internal Wood

Concentrated water-bourne alkali borate solution for preventive wood protection of supporting structures.
Water thinnable borax primer for untreated wood Also suitable for indoor use as a glaze binder for wood.
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Universal primer for absorbent mineral or organic surfaces indoors.
From £23.80
General purpose, deeply penetrating priming oil for wood, for both indoor and outdoor use.
From £23.57
Undercoat for covering primed or previously painted wood
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A natural plant-based, abrasion-resistant, water-repellent sealer for the treatment of wood.
Solvent-free varnish for wood refinement indoors. Especially for furniture, floorboards and toys.
Hard-wearing, dirt- repellent hard resin finish, especially for treating floors.
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A natural, hard-wearing, dirt repellent plant oil for treating floors.
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Filing primer oil for wood, parquet and cork for further treatment with Aglaia waxes.
Liquid, machine-compatible natural wax for wooden surfaces, especially parquet floors, cork and floor tiles that have been pretreated.
Water thinnable waz emulsion for cleaning and regular care of oiled and waxed surfaces. Also for use as a furniture polish.
Interior Natural Oil Paint in Historic Colours 750ml
Pigmented plant oil lacquer for covering finishes for wood and metal indoors.
Gives wood that limed effect before further treatment
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