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Pavaflex Woodfibre Insulation 100mm

From£34.55 + VAT

Pavaflex Woodfibre Insulation 100mm

From£34.55 + VAT
Flexible insulation for installation between studs/rafters/joists 575mm x 100mm
Product Name
100mm Pack (4 Boards)

The Many Benefits of Pavaflex

·       Application – Pavaflex woodfibre insulation slabs are flexible insulation batts that are easy to install between rafters, studs, and joists.

·       Nice to work with – Pavaflex woodfibre insulation doesn’t irritate the skin like some conventional insulation products on the market.

·       Thermal protection in winter – Due to its low thermal conductivity of 0.038, PAVAFLEX prevents energy loss. Cosy heat stays in the house, the energy to heat a property is lowered and costs are noticeably reduced.

·       High Thermal storage in summer – PAVAFLEX stores heat through the day and releases it later in the cooler night-time hours. Helping on hot days to keep rooms pleasantly cool.

·       Breathable – Pavaflex is also highly vapour-permeable. Vapour can escape through the building fabric to the outside.

·       Sound protection – PAVAFLEX insulation materials protect effectively against noise

·       Truly sustainable – Made from waste wood Pavaflex insulation promotes a responsible use of natural resources, low energy use and a positive CO2 balance.

Technical Data

Product bulk density = ρ [kg/m³] – 50
Thermal conductivity (EN 13171) = λᴰ [W/(mK)] – 0.038
Specific heat capacity = (c) [J/(kg.K)] 2100
Water vapour diffusion resistance coefficient = (μ) [-] 2
Reaction to fire (EN 13501–1) = EWaste code according to The European Waste Catalogue (EWC) = 030105; 170201; 170604
Edge profile = Straight
Fixed – Friction fitted but can be fixed subject to application.

Store dry and protected from damage and only install when the product is dry.


Pack 50mm 6.31m2

Pack 80mm 4.21m2

Pack 100mm 2.8m2

Pack 140mm 2.8m2