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Free Colour Matching

We offer you a service of colour matching on samples of stone, brick and mortar on any you bring to the shop or send to us. Post them in an envelope with your contact details and we can match them up to our range of colour swatches.

£10 Off Your Next Order

We pride ourselves in providing support to customers throughout a project. We would love to see your photos and hear your comments. If you want to send us before / after pictures and provide feedback then in return we will send you a £10 off code for your next spend over £50

Free 20 minute Consultations 

We offer DIYers the opportunity of free online consultations to help you understand the most appropriate natural building materials and paints, to support you with the care and restoration of your older building. Email and we'll book you a convenient time.

Technical Assistance

We provide support and technical assistance in all aspects of the use of natural, breathable building materials and eco friendly paints, including help with specifications and costings. 

Training Courses

We offer training for everyone from DIY to professional in the use of traditional building materials. Our Training courses focus on Breathable Mineral Paints, Lime Mortars, Plasters & Renders and the Insulation of older buildings. The training is always tailored to the needs of the attendees.

Yorkshire’s Trusted Lime Specialists

Suppliers of quality lime products, breathable building materials and paints for the care, restoration, and insulation of older buildings.

We manufacture a range of products on-site in Yorkshire including: Lime Putty Plasters, Clay plasters, Natural Hydraulic Lime pre-mixed Mortars, Hot Lime, Burnt Sand Mastic, Finest Buxton Limewash and Stone Repair mortars.

We import an extensive range of Natural Hydraulic Lime binders from St Astier and Socli. We work with several like-minded manufacturers such as Lime Green, Cornerstone, Beeck and DPM Mashel to supply an extensive range of breathable building materials and paints.

We also supply a range of pre washed high quality aggregates, a selection of natural insulation materials, Quality Italian Tools, Riven Timber Laths and a range of associated products. 

Product Advice and Guidance

Because of the vast range of products we sell, we've taken the time to create product and troubleshooting guides on the following areas...

These guides will help you identify which of our products you will need in an aim to help you understand the how and why when it comes to troubleshooting problems you have in your property, and what products you can get to help rectify them.


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Womersley’s Ltd have been a leading supplier and manufacturer of a wide range of traditional, sustainable, breathable and natural building materials and paints for over 20 years. As a small family company, we pride ourselves in supporting and guiding our customers through any restoration project small or large.

We are here to help you with every stage of your project: