Free Mortar Matching

Our Mortar Matching Service

Mortar matching is a process which enables our customers to use a mortar which is as similar as possible to the original or existing material. At Womersley’s we have an extensive range of mortars already made up, specifically selected for various regions of the UK, which fit a broad profile of the mortar samples we receive daily.

These can be supplied as a premixed Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) dry mortar, a non-hydraulic lime mortar or a Hot Lime Mortar.  The premixed NHL dry mortar is our most popular product and offers the best match possible as the binder and sands are batched by dry weight.

A selection of our range of premixed NHL dry mortars and Hot Lime mortars are available in handy display boxes containing actual biscuit samples.  If you prefer you can post the mortar or bring to the shop, and we’ll match it up for you.

Mortar Colour Chart

Hot Lime Colour Chart