Free Stone and Brick Repair Matching

Our Stone and Brick repair matching service

Our matching service is a process which enables our customers to repair brick, stone, flagstones and steps using a lime repair mortar which is as similar as possible in colour to the original. At Womersley’s we have a quality range of stone, brick and step repair mortars, manufactured in a range of colours to match stone and brick from regions across the UK.

Womersley’s range of brick and stone repair mortar are created from a blend of natural minerals and aggregates, in a natural hydraulic lime binder. It contains absolutely no cement therefore your repairs will be totally breathable and vapour permeable. The natural lime repair mortar can be carved, sanded, dressed and shaped like stone or brick to give a uniquely convincing look and feel.  We can also supply pigments and fixative to provide a soot wash after application.

A selection of our range of premixed stone and brick repair colours are available in handy display boxes containing actual biscuit samples.  If you prefer you can post the mortar or bring to the shop, and we’ll match it up for you.

Repair Mortar Chart

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