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Foamit 30 High Performance Recyled Foam Glass Aggregate 1m3

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Over 20% less compaction eg 45m2 at 150mm requires 8m3 of Foamit compared to 10m3 of alternative foam glass products on the UK market. Making the price of high quality Foamit more cost effective, with the added benefit of lower transport costs.
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Foamit 30 1m3 Bag
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Foamit 30 – High quality insulating foam glass aggregate


Foamit 30 aggregate is a lightweight, thermally insulating and load bearing material that can be used to create an insulated and free draining subbase.
Foamit can also be used in a wide range of structural solutions for infrastructure
construction, housebuilding, roof gardens, yard decks etc

 The principle difference between Foamit and other foamed glass products on the UK market is its far higher compressive strength. This ensures greater structural properties, less compaction, greater density and smaller cell structure allowing for a thinner layer of foam glass and screed.

See our U value Calculator to calculate your quantities

Foamit 30 is manufactured in Finland from purified recycled glass.

  • 100% Recycled purified glass – no virgin natural resources are used in production
  • Quick and easy to handle
  • Foam Glass is the lightest aggregate on the market – reducing carbon footprint.
  • Reduces stresses thanks to its low specific weight
  • Stacks up thanks to its high-friction surface
  • High compression strength
  • High thermal insulation
  • Non-flammable
  • Contains no organic matter
  • Non-capillary aggregate
  • Breathable

With a 70 kg vibrating compactor, Foamit compacts by 5–10% which is up to 20% less compaction compared to other foam glass products on the UK market.
The most common use for Foamit in the UK is an insulated clean sub-base to a limecrete floor. See diagram for recommended build-up of Foamit and Limecrete floor. Normally laid at a depth of 100 -250mm - please use the attached calculator for instant U Value and quantity calculations.

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