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Geocell Foam Glass Aggregate

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Geocell Foam Glass Aggregate
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Geocell Foam Glass Aggregate

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GEOCELL foam glass aggregate is an insulation material for underground use. Recycled foam glass aggregate saves energy and also contributes to a comfortable indoor environment, an ecological alternative for insulation to building floors.
GEOCELL foam glass gravel is available in 1m³ and 1.5m³ bags, but can also be supplied loose in quantities up to 90m³ for larger projects (dependent on access). Please get in contact with our friendly team to discuss the most suitable options for your project. (Please note delivery prices are postcode specific and can vary.)

Foam Glass Uses

GEOCELL foam glass aggregate (or gravel) is quite versatile because of its unique lightweight, load bearing, draining and insulating properties PROVIDING a sustainable replacement for CONVENTIONAL building materials.

Foamed glass aggregate is a ecological construction material that can be used for:

  • Limecrete floors
  • Sub-base for modern floor slabs
  • Insulated foundations
  • Landscaping and void filling
  • Lightweight backfill

Foam Glass Properties

Aggregate size – 10/60
Minimum compacted depth - 120mm
Compaction – 1.3 : 1 (30%)
Excellent thermal resistance capability – Certified conductivity of 0.08 W/(mK)
High compressive strength – 275 kN/m²
Light weight – Approx 150 kg/m³
Closed cell – Non-capillary
Fire resistance – incombustible Class A1