Traditional Earth Daub

4th April 2019

Earth and clay daub and plaster still form the backbone of worldwide construction. Whilst we manufacture and sell these plasters often for specialist conservation or sustainable new build, many regions of the world use similar plasters as standard. This Gonderian man in Africa mixes clayey subsoil with Teff straw to form a daub, to plaster a timber framed house built from quick growing eucalyptus wood.

Plant based organic pigments used to create beautiful paintings

30th March 2019

Plant based organic pigments in fish oil form some of the natural decorative paints which have been painted onto cotton canvas, over earth daubed walls, at the Ura Kidane Mehret church of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, located on the Zege peninsula in Lake Tana of Ethiopia. The monastery is highly decorated with beautifully painted, colourful and vibrant paintings depicting Ethiopian saints, including our own St George and the history of the Ethiopian-Orthodox Church.

Training in understanding the historic plasters of Ethiopia

26th March 2019

Mark from Womersleys was pleased to work with the PROHEDEV programme funded by the European Union to help deliver the ‘lime conservation plasters and finishes conference 25th-26th March 2019’ at the Ethiopian Heritage Conservation Training Centre at Gondar.

Do not assume every mortar was created from a hot lime mix

25th March 2019

We need to remember that within the current fashion for recreating hot lime mortars that in many areas historically the burnt lime was very difficult to use in such a way.

The Cistern at Danqas

24th March 2019

The Cistern at Danqas, the semi-permanent capital of Emperor Susenyos, built 1619. Influenced by Jesuit, Portuguese and Indian architecture. Sitting on top of a plateau 2800m above sea level, to collect water in the wet season. It is worth the 20km journey along a dirt/rocky road and a trek across beautiful Ethiopian countryside.

The cistern/reservoir is lined with the original hydraulic lime plaster. The mortar was made hydraulic by the addition of a rich silica Diatomaceous Earth, an off white talc-like powder that is the silica enriched, fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton, collected to the east of lake Tana.


Womersleys sponsor and support new Gondar Heritage Centre

16th March 2019

Womersleys is proud to work with the people of Ethiopia to promote good conservation practice and are offering what help we can with training, advice and sponsorship. Please feel free to visit the Gondar Heritage Conservation Training Centre web site at

Beeck Mineral Paint for Grade I Listed Church

5th March 2019

 Beeck Mineral Paint has been used to redecorate the Grade I Listed Saint Denys Church in York.

A new coat of breathable mineral paint at Anglesey Abbey

2nd March 2019

Anglesey Abbey’s Long Gallery gets new coat of Beeck’s breathable Maxol mineral paint


Beecks Beeckosil Breathable Paint on Wild Hillside

20th February 2019

Thank you Sam, one of our customers, for the pictures of your remote house in the hills. Sam has chosen to use Beecks Beeckosil to give maximum breathability to these old rendered walls. To help reduce the amount of wind driven rain that gets trapped in the render behind.

Pushkar, Rajasthan

17th February 2019

It’s not all about the grand or refined architecture but just about the historic sense of place and faith. Pushkar in Rajasthan with the only temple in the world devoted to Brahma, who it’s said created the lake by dropping a lotus flower, is full of faith and devotion with a respect for all animals, including the cattle and pelicans. This historic place whilst scruffy in places is also magical and never more so than when viewed through the early morning mist from Savitri temple on one of the hills above the town.