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Roman Stucco premixed render - Top Coat Coloured

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Cotswold 25Kg £20.64 + VAT

Farringdon 25Kg £20.64 + VAT

Ironstone 25Kg £20.64 + VAT

Tugford 25Kg £20.64 + VAT

York 25Kg £20.64 + VAT


General Information Lime green Roman Stucco is based upon Roman cement, a traditional binder invented around 200 years ago. Using this, we have created Lime Green Roman Stucco, a contemporary product that sets rapidly, with a fine texture and an innate strength which ensures it can be cut, carved and shaped with remarkable detail. It is suitable for matching historic “Roman cements” including the repair and replacement of decorative mouldings, cast elements and plain render.

Coverage Approximately 1.7kg per mm of thickness over 1m². One 25kg bag will cover approx. 1.45m² at 10mm thick. This does not include any allowance for wastage..


"Fine" 0.7mm Finishing coats.

  • Completely natural Binder, nothing added or removed in manufacturing 
  • Fast setting typically 40min at 15°C 
  • Low shrinkage 
  • Excellent bond strength 
  • Resistant to acids and alkalis  
  • Render mouldings - In-situ or run work
  • Good vapour exchange (breathability)

Application guidance

Application: onto clean and dry background, not water proofed. Repoint masonry as required with the correct mortar. Adequately dampen dry or high suction surfaces beforehand, for best adhesion apply a slurry of neat natural cement and water prior to application.

Each coat must be applied to the previous once while the previous is still damp working "fresh on fresh". Typically leave no more than 2 hours between coats.


Mix in drum mixers or by mixing whisk. Carefully add clean water, between 4.5-5 litres per 25kg bag and mix for approximately 5min. Prompt mortar will rapidly set, typically within 30 - 50 mins, depending on temperature. Do not use in temperatures less than 5 ºC or over 30ºC.


upto 4 bag orders will be delivered via parcelforce

Orders for over 4 bags will delivered via our carriers TPN – The pallet network, please ensure that:

-      you have supplied us with as much information as possible about the access, location and facilities on-site - it is helpful if you have more than one contact phone number for the driver

-    we have been made aware of any access restrictions, the delivery depot will assume any size vehicle can deliver unless specified  (including low trees, bridges with weight limits, narrow entrances, restricted turning etc). Even if builder’s merchants, rubbish, skip lorries etc have had no problem, our curtain siders used by the pallet network may well have trouble with height especially, so give us as much information as possible ;

 -    The goods will be dropped by a tail-lift, Please note that a tail-lift requires a large, flat area of hard-standing (not gravel and not on an incline) to be able to offload

-    that you have organised enough space for the goods to be put

Please ring with any queries beforehand as a failed delivery due to lack of prior informartion will result in a re charge for delivery 

Technical Guides

Roman Stucco Render