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St Astier St One Brick And Stone Repair

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St Astier One Sandstone

St Astier St One Brick And Stone Repair

From£6.00 + VAT
St Astier One Stone Repair (Lithomex) 25kg
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St Astier One Stone Repair

St Astier One Stone Repair is based on Saint-Astier® lime, with specific aggregate and additives, ST.ONE® (formally Lithomex) LIMESTONE is a ready-to-mix mineral
mortar specially designed to imitate, repair and preserve.


Specially formulated mortar based on Natural Hydraulic Lime and aggregates for the repair or simulation of masonry, brick or stone. It is a neutral white or pre coloured mortar supplied in 25KG bags to which mixing water is added.

Mixing and use: Can be mixed manually or mechanically by whisk, adding up to 180ml water per kilogram of St.One ® used. Mix well for 3-5 minutes. The application surface must be clean, free from dust and oils. On porous surfaces, ensure that suction is controlled by pre-wetting and apply St.One ® before this is fully dry. Never apply to surfaces that are over saturated or have standing water. It can also be applied on metal laths. For application on dense impervious materials, please consult us.

The minimum thickness is 5mm (can be dressed or cut back to a feather edge). The maximum thickness in 1 pass is 40mm. In cases where a thickness of more than 40mm is required, apply in layers of a maximum of 40mm, each one approximately 24 hours apart. Always dampen application areas. The mortar should be well pressed back in place. If required re-compact by pressing after a couple of hours to avoid possible shrinkage marks due to suction from the background. In some instances support of the fresh mortar is required by using wires, anchorages, stainless steel fixings or formers, etc... Simulation of stone / brick features, rough surfaces, false joints etc. can be made approximately 5 hours from application (in damp cold weather up to 24 hours).

Shaping and forming of details can be carried out for up to 1 week after placing by scraping to profile or level with metal tools, such as the edge of a trowel or steel float however most shaping and finishing work can be done within 24 hours. Sculpting, using appropriate tools, requires waiting up to a week or more depending on the weather conditions. Its unique qualities allow it to be tooled, shaped and sculpted even after the final set has taken place. This affords sufficient time to achieve the very highest standard of work with the best quality reproduction.

If building details are damaged and require repair prior to the facade being lime washed or painted, plain St.One ® should be used as it will readily accept lime washes and paints.

On rendered areas St.One ® can be used to form decorative stone or brick features such as mouldings and cornices.

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Due to the use of natural materials in our products there is often some slight variation between colours and batches. Whilst mortars are made to the same recipe you can get differences in colour.

We always recomend you do a test panel to ensure a good match 


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St Astier One Sandstone