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St Astier NHL 5 Hydraulic Lime 25Kg Bag

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Shelf life and Guarantee
12 months from production date if kept sealed in original container and stored in dry conditions at temperatures above 8°C. Manufacturer civil Responsibility.

Suitable backgrounds
Lightweight blocks, brick and stone. TRADI 100® is not recommended for clay substrates. For loose or friable substrate, it may be necessary to consolidate with a hydraulic Limewash or a bonding agent.

Working Temperature
Not below 8°C or above 30°C. Ensure high suction substrates are thoroughly dampened before application. Avoid rapid drying due to high temperatures and strong winds by covering and curing with a light water mist as necessary.

Can be mixed in a cement mixer or using a whisk. Maintain slow revolutions (about 450-700 rpm) to prevent adding too much air that could change the properties of the mix. Mixing time must be at least 5 minutes until you obtain a uniform consistency with no lumps. Avoid manual mixing as it does not guarantee an optimum mix. Once the mix is ready is should be left to stand for approx. 5 minutes before use to allow proper development of the binder.

General Characteristics

  • Initial Setting time: 2 to 3 hours
  • Compressive Strength 7 Days: 4 MPa = 40 Kg/cm² (av.)
  • Compressive Strength 28 Days: 9 MPa = 70 Kg/cm² (av.)