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Thermogravimetric Mortar Analysis

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Thermogravimetric Mortar Analysis

Womersleys also undertake mortar analysis using Thermogravimetric Analysis. This is a technique in
which the mass of a substance is monitored as a function of temperature or time as the sample
specimen is subjected to a controlled temperature program in a controlled atmosphere. An Alternate
Definition: TGA is a technique in which, upon heating a material, its weight increases or decreases.
A TGA consists of a sample pan that is supported by a precision balance. That pan resides in a furnace
and is heated or cooled during the experiment. The mass of the sample is monitored during the
experiment. A sample purge gas controls the sample environment. This gas may be inert or a reactive
gas that flows over the sample and exits through an exhaust.
Womersleys can undertake the test on very small samples of mortar and determine the percentage of
nonhydraulic and hydraulic binders and effects of some pozzolana.

Results take around a week to process