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LECA Lightweight Clay Balls

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LECA Lightweight Clay Balls

From£10.99 + VAT
Leca Lightweight clay aggregate for insulated limecrete systems
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2.2m Cubed
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LECA Lightweight Clay Balls

LECA Lightweight Clay Balls are ideal for installation of a insulating and loading bearing limecrete sub slab, before a lime screed is applied. The limecrete sub slab is made from one part NHL 5 lime and three parts lightweight fired clay balls 0-20 mm, and is often installed at 100mm.

Leca lightweight expanded clay aggregate has been used extensively in structural and geotechnical projects for over 60 years and other uses include horticulture, green roofs and free drainage backfill.

  • Superb insulating and free drainage properties
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures, moisture and chemical attack
  • 100% inert and contains no harmful substances or gases
  • Granular size 0-20mm
  • Compaction 8-12% when poured loose


LECA® LWA is a super-lightweight aggregate with a dry bulk density of approximately 280 kg/m3.

Water Saturated Density

When saturated for at least 24 hours, 0-20mm LECA® LWA is likely to absorb approximately 30% by weight of water with a resultant bulk density in the order of 500kg/m3

30L size is a standard rubble weighs approx 15kg

For 2.2m3 bags please allow for up to 10 days lead time