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St Astier NHL 3.5 Natural Hydraulic Lime 25Kg Bag

From£15.30 + VAT

St Astier NHL 3.5 Natural Hydraulic Lime 25Kg Bag

From£15.30 + VAT
Natural Hydraulic Lime NHL3.5 25kg
Product Name
Pallet (40 bags)

St Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime NHL3.5

Shelf Life and Guarantee

12 months from production date if kept sealed in original container and stored in dry conditions at temperatures above 8°C. Manufacturer civil Responsibility

Suitable backgrounds

Lightweight blocks, brick and stone. LC**** is not recommended for clay substrates. For loose or friable substrate, it may be necessary to consolidate with a hydraulic Limewash or a bonding agent.

Working Temperature

Not below 8°C or above 30°C. Ensure high suction substrates are thoroughly dampened before application. Avoid rapid drying due to high temperatures and strong winds by covering and curing with a light water mist as necessary.


Can be mixed in a cement mixer or using a whisk. Maintain slow revolutions (about 450-700 rpm) to prevent adding too much air that could change the properties of the mix. Mixing time must be at least 5 minutes until you obtain a uniform consistency with no lumps. Avoid manual mixing as it does not guarantee an optimum mix. Once the mix is ready is should be left to stand for approx. 5 minutes before use to allow proper development of the binder.

General Characteristics

  • Initial Setting time: 5 to 6 hours
  • Compressive Strength 7 Days: 3 MPa = 30 Kg/cm² (av.)
  • Compressive Strength 28 Days: 7 MPa = 70 Kg/cm² (av.)