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Womersleys Range Coloured Hot Mixed Lime Mortar Mix

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Womersleys Range Coloured Hot Mixed Lime Mortar Mix

From£12.10 + VAT
Traditional Lime Mortar Mix, Made from Finest Buxton Quicklime, 100% Natural ,100% Breathable
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12L Mix
12l Mix Inc Pozzolan
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20L Mix Inc Pozzolan

Womersleys Hot Mix, Hot Lime Mortar


There are clear benefits of using Hot Lime Mixes on many of our traditional stone
and brick-built buildings in the United Kingdom. Much of our historic building stock was constructed using rich hot lime mortars and these mixes allow us to replicate those mortars.

Womersleys use finely ground quicklime blended with good quality sands in a pan
mixer, producing a lime rich and very fatty workable mortar for re-pointing and
rebuilding solid walls.

A hot-lime mortar is an excellent and very vapour permeable mortar, with a good
‘sticky’ consistency and high-water retention. The Hot-lime mortar can be upto
twice as breathable as NHL 3.5 mortar.

What is it? Quicklime is limestone that has undergone a chemical change in a kiln,
liberating it of the carbon and water it holds, creating calcium oxide which needs to hydrate. When quicklime is added to sands and water it hydrates very
energetically resulting in a strong exothermic reaction and the production of hot
lime mortar. Adding natural occurring clay pozzolan to the fatty hot lime mix before use induces cementitious properties and a partial set.


Contains Calcium Hydroxide CA(OH)2. Risk of serious damage to skin and eyes. Every effort should be made to protect your eyes, in the event of any getting in the eyes then rinse thoroughly for several minutes. Should discomfort continue seek medical attention.

Surface Preperation:

Before pointing remove all dust and loose material from joints. Dampen the area to be repointed first to
help curing.


Add the clay pozzolan to the fatty hot lime mix and any additional water that’s required to achieve a good
workable mix. To ensure a good compaction and adhesion when using the Hot Lime mix for re pointing, the mortar can
be tampered with a bristle brush as it starts to firm up. This process also brings the sharp aggregate to the surface creating a lovely textured finish.
Application temperature 5-30 C.
Protect with hessian against strong sunlight, heavy rain and frost.
For an extended shelf life avoid exposure to excess heat or cold and keep in an airtight container.

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Advisable to keep a bottle of eyewash to hand. Wear suitable PPE, including gloves, as lime can dry the skin.