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St Astier Ashlar Mortar

From£17.00 + VAT

St Astier Ashlar Mortar

From£17.00 + VAT
A pure pre-mixed NHL for Ashlar joints in a variety of colours
Product Name
Colour 20
Colour 21
Colour 23
Colour 26
Colour 92

St Astier Ashlar Mortar

This is an excellent pre-mixed Natural Hydraulic Lime designed to provide all the benefits of traditional lime mortar in all sectors of today's building industry. St Astier Ashlar mortar contains a natural water retainer and air entrainer to improve the curing process, reducing the effects of moisture loss and aid workability. The specially selected sands used in St Astier EcoMortar reduce shrinkage and improve vapour transfer.

  • Excellent workability
  • Exceptional elasticity
  • Good setting and hardening time
  • Vapour permeability
  • Low shrinkage

Suitable for: 

Ashlar mortar joints between 3-6mm

Approximate Coverage: 

8 linear metres at 6mm width / 20mm depth per 25kg bag


We offer 5 premixed colours available from stock with no minimum order Colours 20, 21, 23, 26 and 92.