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Womersleys Natural Medium Strength Pre Mixed Mortar

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Womersleys Natural Medium Strength Pre Mixed Mortar

From£13.30 + VAT
Coloured moderately hydraulic lime mortar for repointing & construction (3mm down) 25kg bag
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Womersleys Natural Pre Mixed Mortar


Womersleys Natural Medium Strength Pre Mixed Mortar. The Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL 3.5) is blended with kiln dried Grit and River sand, which are 3.5mm down. The sands are pre washed to remove sediment before being dried and the result is a very workable mortar. The named products are made from a variety of NHL's and sands to achieve the colour variance. The numbered colours are achieved by adding a sachet of natural powdered pigment to Chalk Medium mortar in order to achieve the colour you have chosen.


A 25kg bag will yield approx 14 litres of mortar sufficient to repoint 3-5m2. Repointing: 20kg/m² stonework; 7kg/m² brickwork. One tonne of mortar will lay 900-1200 bricks.


Before pointing remove all dust and loose material from joints. Dampen the area to be repointed first to help curing.


Mixing can take place in a tub or mixer. If you've selected a pigmented colour then blend all the pigment with the mortar before adding water. If you don't require the full amount of mortar just take out what's required and seal the remaining in a tub or bag. Use between 4-5 litres of clean water per 25kg or approx 2 litres per 12kg Tub. Add the water slowly, using just enough to achieve a workable mix. Lime mortars benefit from being left for 15 mins to fatten after mixing and can be reworked for upto 4 hours.

To ensure good compaction and adhesion the mortar can be tampered firmly with a bristle brush as it starts to firm up, normally after 4 hours, this process also brings the sharp aggregate to the surface creating a lovely textured finish.

Ideal pointing iron for this product - Co-Me Pointing Iron

Bucket Trowel - Bucket Trowel


Due to the use of natural materials in our products there is often some slight variation between colours and batches. whilst mortars are made to the same recipe you can get differences in colour.

We always reccomend you do a test panel to ensure a good match