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Womersleys Non-Hydraulic Lime Mortar 20kg

From£9.50 + VAT

Womersleys Non-Hydraulic Lime Mortar 20kg

From£9.50 + VAT
Traditional Lime Mortar Mix, Made from Mature Lime Putty, 100% Natural, 100% Breathable
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Hornton & Clinker
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Nosterfield & Brick Dust
Nosterfield & Clay
Nosterfield & PFA
Nosterfield & Stone Dust
Waddington & Brick Dust
Waddington & Clay
Waddington & PFA
Waddington & Stone Dust

Womersleys Non-Hydraulic Lime Mortar

Our Non-Hydraulic lime mortars are manufactured on site in Yorkshire from British mature lime putty and selected aggregates.  Producing a lime rich and very fatty workable mortar for repointing and rebuilding solid walls. Ideal for the care and restoration of older buildings and can be used internally or externally.  

Non-hydraulic lime mortars have a natural elasticity, which allows them to absorb minor building movements. They are also up to twice as ‘breathable' as NHL 3.5 mortar.

Limes when used in building can be categorised into two types, either hydraulic (Natural Hydraulic Limes) or non-hydraulic (lime putty). The main difference between the two is the way they set.

Hydraulic limes set by hydrolysis, a reaction caused by water. It causes a faster and harder set, therefore these limes are more often used for exterior work, especially in exposed or damp conditions. Hydraulic limes are available as a bagged powder and in differing degrees of strength.

Non Hydraulic Limes have various names such as Fat Lime, Lime Putty, Air Lime and are set by carbonation. This causes a slower set and the lime remains softer and more breathable. 

Product Details:

Inside the tub you will find a ready to use premixed non-hydraulic lime mortar. Sufficient to repoint 1.5-2m2. The mix may stiffen over time in storage but can be ‘knocked up’ again and again to the ideal consistency.

Surface Preparation:

Mortar - Joints should be racked back 10-20mm and sprayed with water to reduce excessive suction.


If supplied with a Pozzolan add to the mix and also add any additional water that’s required to achieve a good workable mix.  To ensure a good compaction and adhesion when using the Non-Hydraulic lime mortar, tamper with a bristle brush as it starts to firm up. This process also brings the sharp aggregate to the surface creating a lovely textured finish.

Application temperature 5-30 C.  Protect with hessian against strong sunlight, heavy rain and frost.


Every effort should be made to protect your eyes and in the event of any getting in your eyes then rinse thoroughly for several minutes. Should discomfort continue then seek medical attention. Advisable to keep a bottle of eyewash to hand. Wear suitable PPE, including gloves, as lime can dry the skin.

For an extended shelf life avoid exposure to excess heat or cold and keep in an airtight container.