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Warmshell External Woodfibre Board

From£19.00 + VAT

Warmshell External Woodfibre Board

From£19.00 + VAT
New size 1860mm x 590mm
Product Name
Warmshell Woodfibre XL T&G 100mm Full Pallet
Warmshell Woodfibre XL T&G 40mm Full Pallet
Warmshell Woodfibre XL T&G 60mm Full Pallet
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Warmshell Woodfibre XL T&G 80mm Full Pallet
Warmshell Woodfibre XL T&G 100mm Single Board
Warmshell Woodfibre XL T&G 40mm Single Board
Warmshell Woodfibre XL T&G 60mm Single Board
out of stock
Warmshell Woodfibre XL T&G 80mm
Warmshell Woodfibre XL T&G 120mm Full Pallet
Warmshell Woodfibre XL T&G 140mm Full Pallet
Warmshell Woodfibre XL T&G 160mm Full Pallet

Warmshell External Woodfibre Board 

New Size 1860 x 590

Warmshell external insulation is a highly effective EWI (External Wall Insulation) system using wood fibre, or a choice of other boards, that is fitted to the outside of your property – making it significantly warmer and more comfortable to live in.

The system comprises of three main components:

  • Insulation boards – in a choice of thicknesses and types
  • Specialist fixings – to suit the specifics of your building
  • Traditional lime render – in a range of colours and textures

Your internal floor area stays exactly the same, with no disruptive works inside, or redecoration needed afterwards.

And, by choosing the right thickness of wood fibre insulation you achieve the highest standards of thermal efficiency in a way that suits your home and your budget.

Warmshell external insulation enhances the appearance of your home. You can choose the look and colour you want. And, because our renders are so good at resisting stains and the build-up of mould, your property can will look great for decades to come

You can use Wamshell external insulation for almost any type of property:

  • Brick, masonry, solid wood or timber frame buildings
  • Contemporary or traditional designs
  • New build or retro-fitted installations
  • Domestic or commercial premises
  • Hyper-insulated eco-homes or historic landmarks

To benefit, you just need to be able to get access to the exterior of the entire property and abide by any applicable planning restrictions.

But, of course, if you have a terraced or semi-detached property, live in a conservation area, or simply want to retain the existing look of your house, you can still benefit from our interior Warmshell Internal system.

With the Warmshell external insulation system, you can enhance the appearance of your home – irrespective of whether the look you want is contemporary, rustic or traditional.

One of the benefits of Warmshell is the wide choice of different finishes. Whether you want our lime render for the artisan craftsman, or modern, easy-to-use, silicate thincoat render, we have a many different textures and colours.

But what you won't find is polymer, resin or silcone renders. We think the rubberised, synthetic finishes seen so often don't do justice to beautiful buildings. So all our finishes are made from minerals, not plastics. It means they weather and age like brick or stone, as well as being better for the environment.

And, to help you make your choice, we can always provide sample bags to help decide on the texture, colour and style of render finish you want.

Full Pallet Quantities 

  • 40mm - 56 Boards per pallet
  • 60mm - 36 Boards per pallet
  • 80mm - 28 Boards per pallet
  • 100mm - 22 Boards per pallet 
  • 120mm - 18 Boards per pallet
  • 140mm - 16 Boards per pallet
  • 160mm - 14 Boards per pallet

See link for all relevant technical documents.