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Beeck Fixative, Silicate Primer

From£8.91 + VAT

Beeck Fixative, Silicate Primer

From£8.91 + VAT
Beeck Fixative can be used as a surface binder or consolidant, primer and thinner for the Beeck silicate paint systems.
Product Name

Priming and binder for BEECK Silicate Paints including BEECK Pure Crystalline Finish

Intended use

Potassium water glass as binder, free from organic content to VOB/DIN 18363 2.4.1. Primer and thinner for BEECK Silicate Paints. Forms an inseparable microporous unit by means of silicification with the mineral substrate such as plaster, natural stone or concrete. As a strengthening primer for absorbent, chalking and crumbling substrates



for exteriors + interiors



  • Pure mineral
  • Ideal building physics properties
  • Moisture regulating
  • UV resistant
  • Optimum long lives
  • Mould resistant due to alkalinity
  • Full building biology compatibility

approx. 0.04 kg / m² on a smooth substrate for priming