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Aglaia Natural Breathable Interior Emulsion

From£50.93 + VAT

Aglaia Natural Breathable Interior Emulsion

From£50.93 + VAT
Aglaia Select Range Natural Breathable Interior Emulsion
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Aglaia Natural Breathable Interior Emulsion

AGLAIA (Since 1968) Plant Based Natural and Healthy Paint.


A vapour permeable, natural and healthy paint with a beautiful finish. Creates a comfortable room climate on all kinds of wall building materials. A sustainable, durable and healthy alternative to modern finishes. We only use renewable raw materials during the whole production cycle to protect the environment, resulting in natural paints which do not harm the health of users or damage nature’s valuable resources.

The paint is open-pored and produces a fine, subtly matt finish. It has excellent hiding power and can be sponged clean. Can be used universally in homes, offices and public facilities, on interior walls and ceiling areas. Well suited to lime, clay & gypsum plaster, lightweight building boards and firm old coatings. A completely natural plant oil and tree resin emulsion, available in over 200 different colours.

We can now mach Aglaia Colours to the Beeck Colour chart. Enter number in comments box at checkout.

Use AGLAIA Wall Primer to prime absorbent substrates.


  • Opaque 
  • High wet-scrub resistance 
  • Low tension
  • Water vapour permeable Solvent-free, plastic free, low emissions and low VOCResistant to proprietary cleaning products and disinfectants

Specification to EN 13300

  • Hiding power class 2
  • Wet-scrub resistance class 2

Application rate

Approx. 0.13 L / m2 and coat on a smooth substrate.
Sizes: 1 L / 5 L / 10 L