Beeck Gypsum Primer Fine

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Beeck Gypsum Primer Fine

From£8.19 + VAT
A ready to use primer with high coverage and excellent adhesion to gypsum surfaces and fibrous boards.
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Beeck Gypsum Primer Fine

Gypsum Primer creates the basis for interior silicate paints so they can be applied free from streaks and uneven colour. Can also be used as a silicification bridge on firm, cleaned emulsion coatings and synthetic resin plasters. Gypsum Primer can be tinted to match the final paint colour, reducing the number of coats required.

Area of Use:

For Internal use over mineral substrates, as well as substrates with weak silicification such as old mineral coatings, gypsum boards, lime plaster, cement plaster, brick, concrete and synthetic resin. Not for use on non alkali resistant material such as wood, clay or loam.


The substrate must be clean, dry, firm and stable. Carefully repair chipped surfaces with the same type of material and texture.


Carefully cover surfaces which are not to be treated eg windows, window sills and protect them from paint splashes. Stir with a powered mixing paddle before use. Apply unthinned or if used on highly absorbent surfaces thin with 5% water. Minimum application temperature +8C. Drying time at least 12 hours per pass. Apply by brush, roller or airless spraying method. Cut in edges seamlessly and smoothly.


Approx. 0.14l / m² per pass on a smooth substrate (10L covers approx. 50m2)

Cleaning and storage:

Use water to clean tools and soiled clothing. Store cool and free from frost, can be kept for at least 12 months.