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Finest Buxton Lime Wash in White

From£10.00 + VAT

Finest Buxton Lime Wash in White

From£10.00 + VAT
Pure lime wash made with high calcium quicklime powder from Buxton
Product Name

Finest Buxton Lime Wash


Finest Buxton Lime Wash is an extremely versatile and decorative finish and is one of the earliest forms
of paint that has been used for thousands of years. It gives maximum coverage and a brilliant rich finish.
Despite the advances within the paint industry and the vast array of paints available to today’s
consumers, there are still many occasions where limewash is the most appropriate and economic form of
decoration for older buildings. Limewash is calcium hydroxide (slaked lime) suspended in water and
proven to be the most permeable decorative finish, allowing the building to breath.
Suitable for lime plaster, lime render and brick.
After application, the water evaporates and atmospheric carbon dioxide combines with the lime
wash to form calcium carbonate, this process is known as carbonation. During the carbonation
process the limewash hardens, develops its colour and bonds to the substrate.
 Remains attractive as it gradually ages
 Allows the building fabric to breathe
 Traditional, inexpensive coating to protect render, plasterwork and masonry
 Long lasting robust finish
 Can be applied by brush or roller
 When applied without pigments it results in a brilliant white finish due to the purity of lime
 Contains no toxic compounds or solvents
 Holds pigments exceptionally well giving greater quality to colours
Coverage 4 Square meters per Litre