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Motif Lime Paint

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Motif Lime Paint is a breathable hydraulic lime paint, that is ideal for lime renders, plasters, stone and brick. Motif Lime Paint gives a beautiful soft, matt finish that is unique to lime. It is naturally alkaline, which helps resist mould and bacteria


Natural Hydraulic Lime, cellulose, water repellent.


Approximately 3 to 6 m² per kg of powder per coat depending on the backgrounds porosity and texture. At least 2 coats are normally required.


10 kg bags, various colours, please ask.


Motif Lime Paint comes as a dry powder that sets once water is added. Use 10 to 11 litres of water per 10kg bag and mix thoroughly. Once mixed use within 6 hours, re-stirring occasionally to prevent settlement.


Motif Lime Paint requires a porous background. Do not apply to shiny, waterproofed or non-porous surfaces, e.g. masonry paint. Sample trials should always be carried out to assess compatibility with substrate. The background must be firm, clean and porous. It can be applied to new lime plaster while it is ‘green’ before it has dried and fully carbonated. Previously limewashed surfaces should be thoroughly brushed and washed to remove dust, dirt and all loose chalky material. Algae or fungus should be treated with an algaecide/fungicide or dilute bleach then thoroughly washed with clean water. Do not use proprietary fungicides containing water repellents.

Motif Lime Paint should be applied on to a dampened surface. Old plaster, porous stone and brick must be dampened with a mist of clean water to control suction. Application onto a very dry background may cause powdering. Prevent rapid drying with misting and protective hessian. Do not apply in strong sun and drying winds.

Apply with a paint brush, keeping a continuous wet edge. Cover whole elevations in a continuous application, or stop on a natural break (e.g. behind a downpipe). Allow at least 24 hours between coats. Do not use in temperatures less than 8 ºC or over 30ºC

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Motif Lime Paint