Beeck Undercoat (PreCoater)

From£25.41 + VAT

Beeck Undercoat (PreCoater)

From£25.41 + VAT
Undercoat for covering primed or previously painted wood
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0.75 l
2.5 l

Beeck Undercoat

White matt linseed oil base coat for wood and metal
Opaque white, filling undercoat for lacquering wood, wood-based materials and lacquering ferrous metals in interior and exterior areas. For dimensionally stable and dimensionally unstable wood. Also on firm pretreated existing coats of oil and alkyd resin based coatings. Further treatment with BEECK Exterior Stand Oil Paint or BEECK Interior Stand Oil Paint, white

For Exteriors + Interiors

  • Properties
  • Highly adhesive, non flaking
  • Opaque white matt
  • High solid
  • Diffusible
  • Low tension
  • Easy to use