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D/2 Biological Cleaning Solution

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D/2 Biological Solution
Product Name
0.946L (32 fl oz.)
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D/2 Biological Solution

Non-hazardous and biodegradable, D/2 Biological Solution is an easy to use cleaning solution for removing harmful and unsightly biological and air pollutant staining from building materials.
Key Benefits
No harmful acids, salts or bleach
Will not etch metals or glass
Biodegradable and non-hazardous
Safer to use around plants
Requires no special handling or on-site mixing
Effective on stubborn red algae
Shelf life of five years

Used on buildings, monuments, sculptures and headstones, D/2 safely removes stains from mould, algae, including stubborn red algae, mildew, lichens and air pollutants. Developed by conservators, D/2 has helped keep prestigious properties such as The White House and The Alamo pristine.

Area of Use
D/2 Biological Solution is effective and safe for a wide range of masonry and architectural surfaces, including render, coloured render, concrete, brick, cast stone, aluminium, vinyl sliding, canvas and wood.

D/2 is also safe to use on natural stone, including marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, slate, brownstone, travertine and terra cotta.

While D/2 is safer to use in areas with plants, in the event of excessive exposure, rinse all plants and water in all planted ground areas.

No special handling or on-site mixing is required. There are two standard methods of application. For best results, use D/2 undiluted and when air and surface temperatures are 5°C or above. Coverage based on medium deposits of 27m2 per gallon.

Immediate Result Method
Apply D/2 with a brush, roller, hand pump sprayer or low-pressure power sprayer.
Allow undiluted D/2 to remain on the surface for 10-15 minutes.
Apply additional D/2 as necessary to keep the surface wet.
Scrub with a soft nylon or natural bristle brush, do not use a metal brush.
Mist lightly with water and continue scrubbing the area.
Rinse thoroughly with clean potable water.
Reapply if rain occurs within 12 hours of application.
A contact time of 10 to 15 minutes followed by scrubbing with a soft brush will loosen most biological and air pollutant staining. D/2 works with the elements, so results may continue to develop over the course of 2-3 days.

No Scrub/No Rinse Method
Using a sprayer (pump-up, low pressure or other), wet the entire surface with D/2.
Allow the solution to air dry.
D/2 works with the elements, with results occurring within one week to one month, depending on the severity of the soil. Reapply if rain occurs within 12 hours of application.

As with any cleaning product, always perform a spot test before proceeding. For more detailed technical product information, please download the application guide below.

Each project is unique, always seek professional advice before undertaking a project.