Renders and Plasters

Historic Plaster Survey Leaflet
1 ton bag
From £271.00
Coarse Stuff with hair/fibres 35kg/20l
From £12.50
Coarse Stuff Backing Plaster with hair/fibres 20kg
From £8.50
Lime putty based finishing plaster 12 litre tub
One coat lime plaster for plaster and wood fibre boards 25kg
Glass Flour Crack Repair Filler 5 litres
Downloadable PDF
Insulating Hemp Lime Plaster with Roman Cement admix 20l
Alkali resistant glass fiber used to reinforce and to limit crack propagation in mortar
per foot
From £0.38
Stone Repair Colour Chart Tray
Ready mixed hydraulic lime Stipple Coat/Slurry Coat
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