Renders and Plasters

22mm Clay Board
Wet Clay Undercoat Plaster 35kg/20l
One ton of wet clay undercoat plaster made with well graded sand and reinforced with hemp straw
Ready mixed buff/brown clay top coat plaster suitable for painting with natural emulsion paints
Ready mixed dry self coloured clay top coat plaster
Reed Board is a rigid building board. It is made from natural reeds laid parallel and tightly bound
Reed Stabil Mat Roll
4mm squared mesh to reinforce one coat lime plaster and fine render
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Alkali Resistant Strong Orange Mesh 6mm, for under lime plaster
Stucco provides a hard, reliable, durable and low cost surface that requires little maintenance and can be used to obtain different textures and finishes.
1 kg for a 10 kg bag
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Free downloadable guide to Hemp Lime Plaster
For removing salt bleedings, efflorescence, limescale, ingrained dirt, mortar and cement residue.
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