Which Beeck Mineral Paint and Primer is Right For You?

Beeck Mineral Paints

Beeck Mineral paints are fully vapour permeable, environmentally friendly, have low VOC's and are the only brand to offer active silicate paints, which creates an incredibly durable and breathable finish.

While acrylic paints effectively glue themselves to the surface, mineral paints soak into the surface and form a strong mineral bond through a process called silicification, adhering to the silica in the substrate itself. Acrylic paints and their bond with the substrate slowly breaks down over time and they eventually start to discolour, flake or lift off. Mineral paints by comparison due to their physical bond don’t break down over time, are extremely lightfast and hard wearing, and aside from natural weathering, offer unsurpassed durability.

Beeck is one of few brands to offer active silicate paints, and all binders, pigments and additives used are derived from natural materials. The paints contain extremely low VOC’s, are free from chemicals, produce no hazardous waste or by-products and can be fully recycled. They are naturally alkaline and therefore resistant to mould growth, and naturally fireproof due to their mineral composition. 

Beeck paints are fully breathable; that is, they are fully vapour open and allow moisture to pass through the paint. This means rather than moisture being trapped in the wall it is able to escape, which is essential for older buildings. Beeck paints help regulate humidity, achieving a healthier internal climate as well as offering unsurpassed durability.

External Paint :

Beeckosil - Superior external mineral paint for mineral surfaces, silicification active (A.S.F.), offering a true chemical bond to the substrate. Beeckosil offers the highest vapour permeability and durability for an external mineral paint.  Ideal for new render after application of etching fluid and diluted fixative.  If redecorating Beeckosil can be applied with ease as the paint is already chemically bound.

Renosil - Standard external mineral paint that physically and chemically binds to mineral surfaces, as well as existing masonry coatings. Renosil offers a long lasting, vapour permeable and water repellent coating.  

 Application of Renosil to different backgrounds:

  • Bare lime Renders and existing lime wash: Apply Beeck Etching Fluid then diluted Fixative first.
  • Sound existing paint: No additional primers required Renosil has the ability to chemically bond to existing painted surfaces.  The chemical bond hardens the existing paint, protecting it and improving its longevity
  • Surface imperfections, hairline cracks, synthetic resins and variety of existing paints: Apply Renosil Coarse as a first coat and levelling primer, it can be coloured the same as the Renosil fine
  • Hairline cracks:  A full surface treatment of Beeck Quartz Filler
  • Fungal Deposits: Apply Beeck Fungicide
  • Over old render, stone and brick: Apply diluted Fixative first, except on very dense bricks
Internal Paints

Maxil Pro – Is Breathable, Durable, Non-Toxic and Environmentally Friendly:

Maxil Pro is a very flexible paint which can be painted onto most backgrounds including Gypsum. It offers an excellent scrub resistance and can support the entire range of Beeck colours.  As Beeck paints are absorbed into the surface and form a physical bond, the application demands more care and attention than conventional paints or lime wash.

Application on to different backgrounds:

Vapour Open Backgrounds - Vapour open backgrounds include bare lime plaster and bare mineral surfaces, such as limewash and brick/stone pointed with lime mortar. Prepare the wall, ensuring there is no dust or loose material present. Treat the wall with appropriate cleaning solutions (water, sugar soap etc) if required. On difficult to coat bacgrounds apply diluted fixative as a primer and stabiliser. 

If using a dark colour (colour Band 3 or 4) apply an even coat of white Maxil first, as a primer coat.

Bare Gypsum Plaster and Vapour Closed Backgrounds:

Vapour closed backgrounds include any gypsum based and non-porous backgrounds such as cement and acrylic based paints. Treat the wall with appropriate cleaning solutions (water, sugar soap etc) if required. The lighter colours (Colour band 1 or 2) of Beeck Maxil Pro can be applied directly onto gypsum plaster and existing paint when it is in good condition.  If the background is variable or you are using a dark colour (Colour band 3 or 4), apply an even coat of white gypsum primer first. If applying Maxil Pro directly onto plasterboards, or if there are any concerns about the suction of the plaster/painted background, use Gypsum Primer as the base coat, for ligher colours the Gypsum primer can be coloured the same as the Maxil Pro but when using a dark colour apply an even coat of white gypsum primer first.