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Prompt Natural Cement 25kg Bag

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Sets in 90 seconds if required
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Full pallet 40 bags

Prompt Natural Cement

Fast Setting, waterproof and saltwater resistant Natural Cement

Prompt is a very simple material which boasts some impressive credentials, ideally suited for marine applications, rapid-set masonry and as a replacement for Roman Cement, and can also be gauged with Natural Hydraulic Limes to provide an early false set to protect the mortar as it cures.

Prompt a completely natural and incredibly fast setting cement, controllable from just ninety seconds to one hour. It is waterproof and approved for use with drinking water, can be mixed with sea water and is resistant to chemicals, acids and alkalis, and has an exceptional shelf life.

Can be used with tempo Adjusts the setting time for Prompt Natural Cement. Adjustable from 90 seconds up to an hour depending on conditions