Consultancy and Materials Analysis

Womersleys' provide detailed onsite survey work, explanation and interpretation of problems in historic buildings and suggested remedies. This includes analysis of building materials with us specialising in mortar, renders and plasters and the decay and contamination of stone and brickwork.


Mortar analysis of historic plasters, renders or building mortars.
From £80.00
Thermogravimetric Mortar Analysis
Womersley’s work with a local university to provide EDX Contamination Analysis with a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).
Samples are titrated for chloride content using a classical silver nitrate titration
High-power microscopy is undertaken
Analysis of historic paint samples, including specifcation for repainting works.
Analysis of lead based paint and lead-based paint hazards. Per sample £250
Historic Plaster Survey Leaflet
Surveys of the historic plasterwork of walls and ceilings. Prices from £500 to £15,000
Combined mortar analysis and contamination assessment. Prices from £160-£7,000
Detailed specification for the upgrading insulation on historic buildings. Prices from £500 to £8,000
International Consultancy and Project Management. $500 per day plus expenses
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