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Warmshell Board Adhesive 20kg

From£16.50 + VAT

Warmshell Board Adhesive 20kg

From£16.50 + VAT
Adhesive for warmshell wood fibre boards
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Full Pallet (50 bags)

Warmshell Board Adhesive 

Warmshell Board Adhesive is a breathable, moisture-wicking adhesive for Warmshell insulation boards applied to porous backgrounds. With a high lime content, it has natural biocidal properties and works with the rest of the Warmshell system to help keep the wall dry. Careful choice of ingredients mean that our adhesive does not contain toxic or persistent biocides and has very low VOCs.

This product has been designed so that it contains 99% lime and sand, while still providing enough stickyness. That means it is much safer from rot or fire compared to most polymer based adhesives. It also means it acts as an active moisture-wicking layer, making sure any moisture in your wall isn't trapped.

Warmshell Board Adhesive is not for use as a tile or stone adhesive, nor for application to waterproofed backgrounds. When applied for External Wall Insulation (EWI) then mechanical fixings should also be used to resist wind loads



One bag covers approximately 2.5m2 applied with a 10mm notched trowel.  


Work in temperatures of 5°C to 25°C.  Backgrounds should be reasonably flat and straight and must be porous: apply an undercoat of Lime Green Duro if necessary. For other substrates check compatibility before commencing work. Ensure surfaces are free from dust and contamination. Do not apply to wet or contaminated backgrounds. 

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