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Beeck Renosil Coarse External Silicate Paint

From£65.00 + VAT

Beeck Renosil Coarse External Silicate Paint

From£65.00 + VAT
An easy to use slurry primer and intermediate coat for the Beeck external Renosil system.
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Beeck Renosil Coarse External Mineral Paint

Beeck Renosil Coarse is a vapour permeable silicate-based paint for use when there are a variety of existing paints, surface imperfections, hairline cracks or areas of synthetic resin render. Renosil Coarse is an intermediary coat and levelling primer with a texture grain 0.4mm down which should be coloured the same as the Renosil fine. Can also be applied over weathered firm old emulsion coatings.
Renosil Fine contains the addition of a hydrophobe. While it isn’t fully waterproof it is a valuable asset in repelling rainwater to assist and significantly reduce the levels of water from entering the building fabric. This protects the building and allows it to dry much quicker during wet spells, providing an additional layer of protection.

Area of Use:

For External Use over mineral substrates, old mineral coatings, lime render, cement render, concrete, synthetic resin render.


The substrate must be clean, dry, firm and stable. Carefully repair chipped surfaces with the same type of material and texture. Apply Fixative prior to Renosil Coarse and if there are fungal deposits use Fungicide to remove first and then apply fixative.


Carefully cover surfaces which are not to be treated eg windows, window sills and protect them from paint splashes. Stir with a powered mixing paddle before use. Do not apply in wet conditions, if there is a risk of frost, on hot surfaces or in the blazing sun. Minimum application temperature +8C. Drying time at least 12 hours per pass. Protect fresh coats from rain and blazing sun by use of hessian / scaffolding sheeting. Apply by brush, roller or air less spraying method. Cut in edges seamlessly and smoothly – wet on wet.


Approx. 0.24kg / m² per pass on a smooth substrate (16 kg covers approx. 50m2)

Cleaning and storage:

Use water to clean tools and soiled clothing. Store cool and free from frost, can be kept for at least 12 months.

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