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Farnovo Dry Powder Interior Paint

From£8.80 + VAT

Colour swatches

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Farnovo Dry Powder Interior Paint

From£8.80 + VAT
First High-Quality Ecologically friendly Interior Dry Paint
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Plain Farnovo Dry Paint 5Kg
Dpm Blender
Hand painted swatch (refundable on return)
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Farnovo Classic - Dry Powder Interior Paint

Farnovo Classic is the paint of the next generation combining high quality and sustainable ecological thinking. This is the worlds first fully sustainable ecologically friendly dry powder compostably bagged interior paint made by DPM Mashel GmbH of Germany. The first High-Quality Ecologically friendly Interior Dry Paint.

100% Free of preservatives, solvents, plasticizers, formaldehydes

Whether painting on plaster or plasterboard, in an old or new building your health deserves an odourless and emission free paint. Farnovo dry powder paint offers just that and contributes significantly to environmental protection.   

Producing Farnovo Classic as a dry packed paint means:
  • No water is used in the manufacture process.
  • As the paint dries 60% CO2 can be saved due to less weight in comparison to conventional paints.
  • Packaged in compostable bags.
  • Only mix as much as you need.
  • With a VOC level of 0.05g/l ( volatile organic compounds ) Farnovo Classic stands with a small group of natural paints in the world, the VOC level of Farnovo Classic is smaller than the device detection instrument.
  • Long shelf life, easy to store, non volatile and will not freeze.
Farnovo Classic dry powder interior paint is made using 100% environmentally friendly materials and is:
  • Highly durable
  • Breathable, Diffusion open - class 1
  • Hiding Power - class 1
  • Odour free
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Easy to clean  
  • Non-drip
Farnovo Classic can be mixed in 5 minutes and applied with a brush, roller or sprayer and has a hiding power of Class 1. 
  • Mix fresh paint in only 5 minutes
  • Mix without splashing with DPM mixer
  • Create a uniform and individual hue
Farnovo Classic is one product with 3 applications: 
  1. Primer Coat 5kg Farnovo Classic + 5 litres of water creates 7.5 litres of primer (covers up to 65m2)
  2. Interior Wall paint 5kg Farnovo Classic + 3 litres of water creates 5.5 litres of paint (covers 40-55m2)
  3. Decorative fine filler 5kg Farnovo Classic + 2.5 litres of water creates 5 litres of fine filler.

Colour Range

Farnovo Classic dry powder interior paint is a warm matt white paint which can be coloured with pigments. Decoton pigments are 100% natural mineral blend to create a consistent hue. Please see colour chart, hand-painted swatches are also available.

When purchasing coloured Farnovo you will receive the coloured pigment in individual 10g tubes. You will see from the colour you selected how many tubes you will receive per bag. The mixing instructions are on the bag which describe that pigment is added and mixed with the water prior to adding the Farnovo paint.

Product Review
"There is no other paint that can match the eco credentials of Farnovo.  As it's a dry paint, not transporting water across Europe and the UK is great for the environment. We've found  Farnovo to be a really high quality paint, with brilliant coverage that’s also wipeable.  It’s all natural and breathable and we’ve used it over a whole variety of backgrounds clay, lime, gypsum, old vinyl paints and it always has a consistent finish"

Barbara Jones
Director School of Natural Building (SNaB)