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Fine Stuff (Top Coat Lime Plaster) 20kg

From£15.50 + VAT

Fine Stuff (Top Coat Lime Plaster) 20kg

From£15.50 + VAT
Lime putty based finishing plaster 20kg tub
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Fine Stuff Top Coat Lime Plaster 

Product Detail:

A rich lime putty topcoat plaster made with fine silver sand and extra fine mature lime putty. Inside the tub you will find a premixed lime plaster, ready to use, it is made with matured non-hydraulic lime commonly known as 'lime putty' or 'fat lime putty'. Non-hydraulic lime mortars set by carbonation, very gradually. This characteristic gives the product a long shelf life providing that the material is kept sealed and air-tight preventing carbonation. The plaster may stiffen over time in storage but can be 'knocked up' again and again to the ideal consistency


Preventing the plaster from drying out too quickly is key to the success of the application. Lightly spray the base coat and pour away any excess water in the fine stuff tub before application. Once the fine stuff is firm but not dry use a dampened brush to brush the surface in all directions. Avoid overworking, applying too thick or using too greater pressure on it will lead to crazing. During cold weather supplementary heating will be needed to keep the room temperatures above the minimum of eight degrees.

Coverage – Approximately 3m2 per tub at 3mm thickness