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Lime Green Stipple coat

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Stipple Coat

Lime Green Stipple coat

From£16.70 + VAT
Ready mixed hydraulic lime Stipple Coat/Slurry Coat
Product Name

Lime Green Stipple Coat Lime Preparation

A lime preparation coat with excellent adhesion to difficult historic structures. Suitable for both high and low suction masonry backgrounds. Provides extra adhesion for further coats of Lime Green Duro or Ultra.

If internal or external masonry walls are very smooth or highly porous, then a standard lime base coat may have difficulty sticking to the surface. Lime green Stipple coat will prepare them ready for the next coat of lime plaster or lime render.

Walls and ceilings can then be completed using our finish lime plasters for a high-quality surface prior to painting. Like Ultra and Duro, Stipple Coat lime preparation is a lime-based product so it allows the walls to breathe and expel any trapped moisture. For non-porous sealed surfaces, such as tanking slurries, use Lime Green Grippa.

Stipple Coat can be hand-applied or machine sprayed for faster coverage


One 25kg bag will cover approx. 3m² at 5mm thick. This does not include any allowance for wastage.


Mix with clean water approx 4-5 litres of water to each 25 kg of stipple coat lime preparation. Mix in either drum mixer for 10 min or with a mechanical whisk for 2-3mins stand for 2 minutes then mix once more before application.

Surface Preparation

Remove dust, surface contaminants and loose or friable material. Ensure Masonry is not waterproofed or painted.

Stipple Coat Application Guidelines

Lime green Stipple is best thrown on or sprayed on, it can also be toweled on and then stippled with a stiff bristle brush. Apply approx. 3 to 5mm thick. Leave the surface rough and heavily textured

Further Coats

Lime green Ultra or Duro¸ as undercoats followed by a topcoat of Lime Green Natural Finish

Prevent all coats from drying out too rapidly.

Lightly spray each coat with water if it is hot or the product is drying too quickly.

Protect from adverse conditions such as frost, rain etc


Please note these are not stock items and have to be ordered from the factory, which may incur a 7-10 day lead time


Technical Guides

Stipple Coat