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One coat lime plaster (Solo)

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One bag will cover approximately 5m2 at 3mm thick or 1.3m2 at 12mm thickness


Available in 25kg Bags

Guidance notes

  • Sample trials should always be carried out to assess compatibility with substrate
  • Porous backgrounds should be dampened before application. 
  • Do not allow Lime green one coat plaster to rapidly dry; dampen very dry backgrounds and do not force dry. 
  • Do not prime walls with PVA 
  • Not suitable for excessively wet or continuously damp backgrounds 
  • Lime green plaster should be applied to uniformly flat walls. Uneven walls should dubbed out using lime green Duro first


Mix with only clean water for between 3 to 5 mins. Add approx 5-7 litres of water to a 25kg sack

Temperature: 5°C to 30°C

Reworking: Not possible

Required thicknesses

Insulation boards typically 8 to 12mm

Plaster boards typically 3 to 5mm

Masonry typically 10-12mm


On masonry:
Apply the plaster in either one pass and level the plaster with a straight edge, leave for approximately 1½ hours. Sponge float giving a light creamy texture to the plaster, leave for another few minutes after which the plaster may be closed in with a steel trowel to produce a smooth finish. Do not over work the surface or this may lead to fire cracking.

On boards and wood fibre insulation boards:
Apply Lime Green one coat plaster in 2 passes within one hour of each other with lime green 454 mesh pushed into the first pass

Finish the plaster as above