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Womersleys Coarse Stuff Unhaired

From£9.50 + VAT

Womersleys Coarse Stuff Unhaired

From£9.50 + VAT
Unhaired coarse stuff can be used as a backing plaster and pointing mortar.
Product Name

Coarse Stuff Backing / Scratch coat Plaster

Coverage approx 1m2 from 35kg at 10-15mm thick

Coarse Stuff is a traditional lime putty-based undercoat plaster, render or mortar. It is manufactured on site in Yorkshire from British mature lime putty (non-hydraulic lime) and selected aggregates. Ideal for the care and restoration of older buildings, and can be used internally or externally.  

Coarse stuff is suitable for a wide range of projects whether renovating older buildings or application internally and externally to straw bale builds.  Coarse stuff has a natural elasticity, which allows it to absorb minor building movements. It is also ‘breathable' meaning that moisture does not stay trapped in walls, creating a healthier and natural living environment.

Lime plasters are alkaline and therefore naturally anti-bacterial, combating mildew and limiting the growth of mould.

For a beautiful final finish to your walls use Fine Stuff and if painting select a breathable mineral paint such as Beeck Maxil or Farnovo dry powder paint. If using externally on a straw bale build then finish with Lime Green Natural Finish.

Product Details:

Inside the tub you will find a ready to use premixed non-hydraulic lime undercoat plaster, mortar or render. Non-hydraulic lime products set by carbonation which is a gradual process and gives the product a long shelf life, providing the tub is kept sealed and airtight. The mix may stiffen over time in storage but can be ‘knocked up’ again and again to the ideal consistency.

Surface Preparation:

Plaster / Render - Ensure the background is thoroughly clean and stable.  

Mortar - Joints should be racked back 10-20mm and sprayed with water to reduce excessive suction.


If dubbing out on defaced surfaces then apply the dubbing out coat 3-4 days before application of the undercoat. For backing / scratch coats apply at 10-12mm and if required thicker then apply in two coats, leaving 3-4 days between applications. Where different materials meet and where there are timber lintels, it’s advisable to apply laths first.

A float coat is to be applied 4-5 days after the backing / scratch coat. Check for shrinkage during the first 2 days and, if necessary, lightly dampen, scour back and rekey. Please wait 4-5 days before applying a finishing coat. 


Every effort should be made to protect your eyes and in the event of any getting in your eyes then rinse thoroughly for several minutes. Should discomfort continue then seek medical attention. Advisable to keep a bottle of eyewash to hand. Wear suitable PPE, including gloves, as lime can dry the skin.

Please be aware larger quantities of Coarse stuff are made to order