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Beeck Maxil Pro Paint (Maxol) Internal

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Beeck Maxil Pro Paint (Maxol) Internal

From£39.00 + VAT
Breathable internal mineral paint with excellent obliteration and durability, can be applied without the need for a priming coat on old plasters
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Beeck Maxil Pro Interior Emulsion Paint

Beeck Maxil Pro is an internal mineral paint, part of the Beeck range of paints suitable for historic and contemporary buildings. Maxil Pro has been developed to offer the highest scrub resistance (class 1), the highest opacity / covering power (class 1) and the lowest Sd Value (0.01) for internal paints.

Maxil Pro can be directly applied over bare lime plasters, gypsum plasters and stable existing painted surfaces, whilst offering all of the benefits expected from Beeck internal mineral paints, including breathability, durability and longevity
BEECK Maxil Pro contains silica sol and silicifiable potassium water glass as a binder making Maxil Pro an excellent renovation coating for remineralising surfaces. Natural alkalinity of pH11 which helps prevent bacteria and mould.

The substrate must be clean, dry, firm and stable. Carefully repair chipped surfaces with the same type of material and texture. Use Fixative as a primer and consolidator for vapour open backgrounds, including bare lime plaster and bare mineral surfaces, such as limewash or brick and stone pointed with lime mortar. Use Gypsum Primer for gypsum-based materials (plaster and boards) and other non-porous backgrounds such as cement and acrylic based paints. Unsuitable surfaces are – wood-based materials and plastic.


Carefully cover glass, floors etc to protect from splashes. Stir with a powered mixing paddle before use. Minimum. Application temperature +12C. Application by roller, brush or airless spraying, cutting in edges seamlessly and smoothly – wet on wet. Base coat can be thinned at 10% water and leave 8 hours before applying topcoat.
Thin primer coat with on more than 10% water, dependant upon substrate and method used. Leave 12 hours before applying top coat and add no more than 5% water to improve coatability.


Approx. 0.15 – 0.18 L/m² per pass on a smooth substrate (10ltr Covers approx. 50 m2)

Cleaning and storage

Use water to clean tools and soiled clothing. Store cool and free from frost, and can be kept for at least 12 months.

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The select colour range and Colour Band 1 & 2 colours are available for next day delivery. Colour Band 3 & 4 are made to order with a potential lead time of 7-10 working days.