Terracotta Training at Wolverhampton

27th January 2017

Students, Architects and Local Residents enjoyed the recent Terracotta Training Day that we helped run at Wolverhampton College for the Queen Street Townscape Heritage Scheme


Hot Lime Mortar for Oswaldkirk Hall

26th January 2017

We have been delighted to supply premixed hydraulic hot lime mortar with the addition of Guiting Stone Dust to Oswaldkirk Hall for Woodhouse Barry Construction.

Top Tip

21st January 2017

Always ensure lime or indeed cement based plasters and renders, cure by drying out slowly, in warmer environments this may mean dampening down the plaster once or twice a day.  This is still the case for plaster in an unheated building, in a cold damp environment at this time of year. Nothing can be done until the environment is heated or warms up but at this stage even months later the plaster must be dampened down as it dries out, especially if excessive heating is introduced on site to get the job finished and decorated.

Lime Kilns at El Cotillo

19th January 2017

The village of Toston at El Cotillo in Fuerteventura contains lime kilns from the early 19th Century in a dramatic setting at the north west corner of the island.

Using Lime Mortars in New Build

19th January 2017

This is a copy of an excellent article produced by our paint and lime partners at Cornish Lime. It summaries why lime is important in new build as well as restoration.