Real Market Places

12th February 2018

This is what markets used to be like, and still are in Agra


Living Heritage

12th February 2018

Living Heritage, this snack shop has been serving Thalis for the last 185 years, Agra Market.

Garden Corner Tower circa 1650, Agra

12th February 2018

Garden Corner Tower at Mehtab Bagh built circa 1650, Agra

Traditional buidling techniques

12th February 2018

Rebuilding the walls of Mehtab Bagh, Gardens at Agra

India Gate

11th February 2018

India Gate, Delhi, a 42 metre, towering Memorial to the 70,000 soldiers of the Indian Army who died in the period 1914–21 in the First World War, it was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and evokes the architectural style of the triumphal arch and is free of religious ornamentation

Indian Mortar Mill

11th February 2018

A lime mortar mill pulled by an Ox, shown in a modern interpretaion of traditional building in India, in a picture devoted to the life and work of Bhagwan Swaminarayan 1781-1830, who inspired a new branch of Hinduism

Fine polished lime plaster ensured opulent splendour

11th February 2018

The finely carved red sandstone of Diwan-i-Am originally decorated in highly polished lime shell plaster to produce a white, opulent, Indian masterpiece with heavy red curtains hung off the iron rings.

Seventeenth Century Indian Frescoed Lime Stucco

10th February 2018

Seventeenth Century Indian Frescoed Lime Stucco at Chatta Chowk Red Fort New Delhi

17th Century Lime Stucco on brick

10th February 2018

17th Century Lime Stucco on brick at the Drum House, Red Fort, New Delhi

The Lotus Flower and the Indian Flag

10th February 2018

The profound 17th century symbolism of a lotus flower in full bloom and the Indian national flag adopted in July 1947 and first flown above this, the Lahore Gate, Red Fort, New Delhi

Seventeenth Century Chrysanthemum Detail

10th February 2018

The Chrysanthemum is thought to attract good luck to the home and represent a life of ease. Completly in sync as a decorative detail on the seventeenth cetury pleasure palace of the Red Fort, New Delhi.

Lotus Flower forming 17th Century Column Bases

10th February 2018

A 17th century summer house of a Mughal emperor, with column bases shaped as lotus buds, the national flower of India and recurrent on the concurrent Taj Mahal. It often symbolises birth, purity, beauty, spirituality and eternity in many cultures and religions

RIBA accredited CPD paint seminars

4th February 2018

Womersleys are pleased to announce that their excellent Introduction to Mineral Paints CPD seminar is now accredited with the RIBA and worth double points to Architects


Foamit Sub Base for Great Tythe Barn

2nd February 2018

The Great Tythe Barn Bolton Abbey.

We are delighted to have supplied a breathable Foamit foam glass sub floor and lightweight limecrete covering, as part of the barn’s refurbishment as a wedding venue, at this special site in the Yorkshire dales.

The barn, close to the ruins of Bolton Abbey, dates from the sixteenth century, a very unusual survival on this scale in the north of England. Its outer walls are built from rubble stone with ashlar dressings under a stone slate roof. Once inside there are 10 bays of nine king post frames which create aisles to either side and are supported on oak posts sat on stone pad stones.